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introduction to the comm.

Welcome to katerinagraham. Katerina Graham was born on September 5, 1989 in Geneva, Switzerland. Katerina is currently an American actress, singer, record producer, dancer, and model. Here at the image archive we provide everything from appearances at various events that date back to 2006 to out & about photographs, photoshoot sessions and more.

Katerina was featured in the hit single, will.i.am "I Got It from My Mama" and "The Donque Song" feat. Snoop Dogg. Kat is currently working on her debut album which hopefully will come out sometime in 2010.

You will also find photos of Katerina acting on the big screen at our movie database which includes dvd captures, movie stills, on location photographs, promotional pictures and more. You may have seen Kat in movies such as The Parent Trap, Johnson Family Vacation, Hell on Earth, Our First Christmas, 17 Again, Chicago Pulaski Jones, and the upcoming movies The Roommate, Bleachers and Boogie Town.

Also in our selection of images you will find many photos of Kat looking absolutely stunning in various photoshoot sessions, attending many red carpet events to movie premieres and gift suites, miscellaneous photos, featured on the cover of some popular magazines, out & about photos and many more.

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